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15 June 2011 @ 10:56 pm
Kpop Shoes!  
Hey guys! So, yes, I know, it's been centuries since the last time I wrote anything, but it's summer now, so let's see if I get the inspiration and motivation to start writing again :P

BUT I'm currently selling kpop art shoes over at my tumblr, and if you're interested in purchasing a pair,
message me on here or on my tumblr! :]

So it's $39 for these:

Then I'm also selling the slip ons shoe style for $45 with a customized design of your choice:

And then the sneakers style that is $43, also with a customized design of your choice:

So yeah, if you're interested, contact me either on here or my tumblr or you may email me as well! :]

E-mail: ininjahh@gmail.com